Welcome to this site. This site offers a way to do XML Schema validation by uploading XML and XSD documents to the server application that works behind the UI of this site. This is probably a very intutive and useful way to do XML Schema validation. The UI of this page, supports both 1.0 and 1.1 versions of the XML Schema language.

XML Schema Validation Form

Please upload an XML document and one or more XSD documents, from your local workstation and click Submit. The XML Schema validation results will be sent to your browser by the server application.

Note: Sometimes 1 XSD document would be sufficient. But during an XML Schema validation assessment, if XML Schema documents are related by includes / imports etc more than 1 XSD document is necessary. On this page there is a limitation of providing upto maximum 2 XSD documents. Therefore your XML schema needs to be contained fully within upto 1-2 XSD documents. Lot many XML schemas can be designed with this constraint.

Select an XML Document (mandatory) :
Select an XSD Document (mandatory) :
Select an XSD Document (optional) :
Select an XSD version to use, during validation :

Enable XSD 1.1 CTA full XPath checking? more details : Yes 



There's also an XML Schema validator available here : Advanced XML Schema validator that accepts any number of XSD document files in a particular XML Schema validation assessment. If you have such a need, please give this a try.

Using Apache XercesJ2 XML Schema validator

Best when used on latest versions of IE, Mozilla and Chrome

Last modified : 04/29/2016

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