XML Schema Validation Form

Advanced UI

Please upload an XML document, an XSD document and optionally a zip archive of dependent XSD documents. The XML Schema validation results will be sent to your browser by the server application.
Note: Many times usually 1 XSD document would be sufficient. But during an XML Schema validation assessment, if XML Schema documents are related by includes / imports etc more than 1 XSD document is necessary. If you need to provide more than 1 XSD document, the primary XSD document needs to be provided first, and then all other XSD documents need to be packaged (even when there are a total of 2 XSD documents in your validation assessment) in 1 zip archive. This allows the server application to accept any number of XSD documents, for a given validation assessment.

In case you are providing a zip archive of XSD documents on this UI, the server application assumes that all the XSD documents are available in a simple directory structure (i.e the server application doesn't understand, that XSD documents can refer each other within sub directories).

Select an XML Document (mandatory) :
Select an XSD Document (mandatory) :
Select a zip file (collection of XSD documents. Use an extension .zip. Optional) :
Select an XSD version to use, during validation :

Enable XSD 1.1 CTA full XPath checking? more details : Yes